6 Reasons to support the legalization of marijuana


Car accidents would be HIGHly reduced:

If Miami drivers smoke marijuana instead of being annoyingly cranky they would be relaxed, chill’ out in traffic.


No more speed limit tickets

Miami residents would actually save money with this one. “Was I in a hurry?, for what? I don’t remember. I love everybody… Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race…”


People would laugh more

Florida is the sunny state indeed. But now we would be the happier state. People say that when they smoke weed they laugh about everything, right? Oh, you don’t have enough money to pay for your rent? haha!! Hysterical.


Tired of the fast paced life? Stress free

Marijuana smokers explain the time passes much slower (Live in the moment) and you can actually enjoy very single moment of your precious life.


Marijuana is cheaper than alcohol. Goodbye Cirrhosis!

Yep. Apparently It is easier to be high than drunk these days. Alcohol is expensive. This is a fact. I am not even an alcoholic and every time I’m going out I pay lots of money for a couple of glasses of a good red wine. My smoker friends tell me it is less traumatic than a hangover.

The 24/7 Fast Food industry biggest come back


Legalizing marijuana would help the fast food industry. The restaurants would have to open new locations, thereby new job positions. This, of course, would help to lower unemployment rates.


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